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 Welcome to Tomac Kennel’s Virtual Tour

Our facility is located near the geographical center of Corrales, just west of Loma Largo.  This is a rather quiet part of town and since our graveled road is not a passage to other neighborhoods it receives only limited daily traffic.  The kennels are housed in a “solar” type building which allows your companions to maintain their internal clocks.   The structure is fitted with Dutch doors that permit a good balance between security and an airy environment which promotes a relaxing and healthy stay.  Of course, during the cold days of winter  and dog days of summer your friend’s comfort is insured by a  thermostatically controlled furnace or evaporative cooler.

We offer 22 runs for routine boarding.  The runs vary in size and configuration.  Living areas are, on average, 5 x 15 feet, enclosed by 6 foot high chain link panels fitted with solid “splash”  guards along the bottom portion.  Some runs have 1/3 of their area inside with a larger outside space.  Others are equally divided between the inside and outside.  For smaller, possibly more timid visitors, we have runs sequestered away from our larger guests.  The outside portion of about half of our available runs are under roof.  We have one “double” sized kennel with both large inside and outside living areas.  This run will accommodate  multiple large guests.   Also, for our “Houdini” want-to- be’s we have covered runs.  Our selection of runs allows us to provide an additional level of individualized care.    

Inside Tomac Kennels  we have divided the boarding facility into two distinct rooms with an equal number of  housing areas.  This arrangement allows for additional boarding / sequestering arrangements and further permits us to provide stress free stays for all our guests.  The over 200 square feet of glazing in the building’s clear story provides a bright, warm comfortable area.  Each kennel has a 2’ X 2’ red wood platform to allow your pet to get off the concrete floor.  If you wish, you may bring “bedding” to provide additional comfort and the “smells” of home for your friend.  We do caution against bringing anything to which  you are attached, for it has been our experience that such items invite tugs-of –war, rebellious chewing or other acts which end the items usefulness.  Synthetic bathroom throws are ideal; if these happen to become soiled we can readily clean, dry and return them for your pets comfort.

Our exercise area is over 1/4 acre and secured by 6 feet high adobe walls all of which are on concrete footings.  There are fruit trees which provide shaded resting spots.  The spacious grassed  area is bounded by native sage and four winged salt bushes for your friends to explore.  By necessity, we have a few rules for the exercise area: we must be informed of your pet’s tendencies to jump and or climb so that we can protect them from their own habits.  Visitors that are reluctant, in the extreme, to return to their runs may be restricted in the use of the area, as will those that misbehave by digging or exhibiting other destructive acts.


To contact us:

Phone: (505) 897-0719

E-mail: info@tomackennels.com

Updated: January 2, 2016